The Ultimate Wine and Chocolate Pairing Throw-down: Unexpected Duos That Will Rock Your World
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The Ultimate Wine and Chocolate Pairing Throw-down: Unexpected Duos That Will Rock Your World

Forget the tired old "red wine with dark chocolate" routine! Here at Cavasa, we're all about pushing boundaries and exploring the exciting world of flavour combinations. So, buckle up, chocolate and wine enthusiasts, because we're about to throw down in the ultimate pairing throw-down, showcasing unexpected duos that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wondering why you ever settled for the ordinary.


Round 1: The Fruity & Funky Challenge

Challenger 1: Milk Chocolate with Sparkling Rosé

Move over, dry champagne! Milk chocolate's creamy sweetness finds its perfect match in the playful acidity and vibrant fruit notes of a sparkling rosé. Imagine pops of strawberry and citrus dancing on your palate alongside the smooth milk chocolate, creating a delightful harmony. This pairing is perfect for a summer afternoon or a light and bubbly dessert.


Challenger 2: Dark Chocolate with Ruby Port

This might sound strange, but trust us, it works! Ruby chocolate, with its unique berry-like flavour, finds a kindred spirit in a ruby port. The port's sweetness complements the fruitiness of the chocolate, while its slight astringency cuts through the richness, creating a surprisingly balanced and dynamic duo.



Round 2: The Spicy & Savoury Showdown

Challenger 3: Chilli Chocolate with Zinfandel

Calling all heat seekers! The bold fruit flavors and hint of spice in a Zinfandel stand up beautifully to the fiery kick of a chili-infused dark chocolate. The wine's tannins help tame the heat, while the chocolate enhances the Zinfandel's fruity profile. This pairing is perfect for adventurous palates who crave an exciting flavour explosion.


Challenger 4: Salted Caramel Chocolate with Off-Dry Riesling

Sweet and salty collide in this unexpected yet delightful pairing! The off-dry Riesling's touch of sweetness complements the salted caramel's richness, while its acidity cuts through the creaminess, creating a refreshing and intriguing contrast. This pairing is a perfect way to end a savoury meal on a sweet and surprising note.



The Knockout Punch: Your Personal Preference

Ultimately, the best wine and chocolate pairing is the one you enjoy the most. Experiment with different combinations, explore unique flavour profiles, and don't be afraid to break the so-called "rules." Here at Cavasa, we believe in creating an individualised chocolate experience, and that extends to the world of wine pairings.


So, tell us, chocolate and wine lovers! What are your favourite unexpected pairings? Share your winning combinations in the comments below, and let's continue to push the boundaries of flavour exploration!

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